"You made it a pleasant experience for us and gave us hope that would improve Bob's difficulty with his eyes. God bless you for your kindness to us." L.D.

Manokel Hinshaw

"I really enjoy my low vision glasses"

Manokel Hinshaw traveled from West Virginia seeking help from Dr. Armstrong. She has been diagnosed with wet macular degeneration and is receiving treatment from her ophthalmologist. Mrs. Hinshaw requested Dr. Armstrong's help for driving, reading and using her computer. She told Dr. Armstrong "It is very difficult to write or print". In addition to her eyeglasses Mrs. Hinshaw was using two hand magnifiers to help her read. Because they are awkward to use she was hoping that glasses could be prescribed allowing her to have both hands free.

By thoroughly evaluating her remaining vision Dr. Armstrong was able to help her with bioptic telescopic glasses for distance vision and wide angle telescopic glasses which she can use for both reading and computer. When Dr. Armstrong called her a few weeks after she received the low vision glasses she told him that "I really enjoy my low vision glasses.

Joseph Smiddy

“I am telling my friends about my new glasses.”

Dr. Joseph C. Smiddy, Chancellor Emeritus, of the University of Virginia’s College at Wise has had macular degeneration for 25 years. He came to Dr. Armstrong asking for help with reading, TV and watching sports. After a thorough low vision evaluation, Dr. Armstrong prescribed bioptic telescopic glasses for distance use and telemicroscopic glasses for reading and other close tasks.

Dr. Smiddy later wrote: “Thank you, Dr. Armstrong, for my low vision glasses. After two weeks I have been able to do the following things that I could not do before: read the small print Holy Bible, read the stock reports and see the football players on the field with my telescopic glasses. Most of all I can read music. I am telling my friends about my new glasses.”

"Dr. Armstrong helped my brother also........he is a wonderful "eye doctor". I would recommend him to anyone with severe vision problems. He is honest and tells you up front if he thinks he can help you or not. He does not give you false hopes. I was very impressed with the examinations he performed on my brother, the time he took to make sure everything was accurate, and the help my brother received." D.M.

Clarisa Shepherd

“I Can See Clearly Now, The Rain Is Gone"

Clarisa Shepherd has a ministry of song. She loves to sing in her church to praise the Lord. She has had reduced vision since birth due to optic atrophy, an optic nerve disease. She sees lights only with her right eye. When she came to Dr. Armstrong Clarisa was using prismatic glasses prescribed by her previous eye doctor. They allowed her to read but required her to hold her book or music just a few inches from her face. She asked if there were glasses that would allow her to hold her music lower and farther from her face so her voice would project better and she could see the people she was singing to.

The previous doctor had considered putting a small telescope in her glasses to allow for better distance vision. Clarisa was unable to use those because her eyes are in constant motion, a condition called nystagmus. The telescope was so small that she was unable to keep looking through it.

After evaluating Clarisa's vision with various low vision devices Dr. Armstrong prescribed a wide angle telescope mounted in the left lens of her glasses. The wide angle telescope gives her improved distance vision. She has worn the telescope at plays and is able to see the actors and follow the action on stage. Two accessory lenses were prescribed which she can add to the telescopic lens. One allows her to hold her music farther away and below eye level. The other helps her read the screen of her computer.

"Thank you very much for the glasses. What a difference they make." Clarisa is enthusiastic about her new low vision glasses. "I love my new glasses. I can see the music and also the audience. I can stand back with the rest of the group and still read the music. Reading is much better and my husband says that I am reading out loud much faster than before."

Diane Crow

“I was pleasantly surprised and delighted”

Diane Crow suffered a serious vision loss from stroke of the optic nerve. She was unable to do many things that were important to her.

Dr. Armstrong prescribed telescopic glasses for distance vision with accessory lens caps for near vision. After receiving the low vision glasses, Diane Crow wrote telling of her experiences.

“After receiving my new glasses things improved greatly. With the long range glasses I can identify my grand children playing out on a sports field. I can read signs down the road and watch TV with greater ease. With one lens attachment I can do close work like threading a needle and reading the tiny instructions on a medicine bottle. My second lens attachment allows me to sing in the choir and hold my music lower so that I can see the director. I can sit in a chair and hold my Bible in a comfortable position.”

“Understand that nothing can bring back the vision lost. But, I can sing in the choir, before I could not. I can pick out a grandchild on stage in a school play, before I could not. I can read labels and have both hands free, before I could not.”

“When I was first examined by Dr. Armstrong I had no idea if he could provide me with any device that could enhance my vision. If I had never tried I would have never known. I was pleasantly surprised and delighted at the improvement in my daily life the low vision glasses have made.”

"Beautiful. And you have a beautiful heart too, Dr. Armstrong. Thank you for caring so much about low-vision sufferers! I so appreciate what you did for my brother." D.M.L.

Laura Stanley

“I can read and see TV better”

Laura Stanley has macular degeneration. She asked Dr. Armstrong for help reading, watching television and with her distance vision so she can keep driving. Dr. Armstrong prescribed bioptic telescopic glasses for driving and a pair for TV and reading.

Mrs. Stanley returned after two months to be certified to drive using the telescopic glasses. She told Dr. Armstrong that “I can read and see TV better. I have used the glasses at meetings and was able to see the person leading the meeting better. I worked the polls for the election and was able to read all I needed to.”

Margot Templeton

“I just want to thank you for what you do”

Due to hemorrhages within her eyes Margot Templeton could not pass the Virginia driver’s vision test and had lost her driver’s permit. She came to Dr. Armstrong hoping to be able to drive again. She also asked for help with reading which had become very difficult for her.

Dr. Armstrong carefully evaluated her vision and prescribed bioptic telescopic glasses to help with distance vision and allow Mrs. Templeton to obtain a driver’s permit. He also prescribed Clear Image microscopic glasses for reading. Following testing by the DMV she wrote “Finally received my driver’s license yesterday. Peggy quizzed me while I sat in the driver’s seat about what I was able to see (with the bioptics). She asked me to drive and identify anything my vision allowed. She was amazed at how well I could see.”

“ I just want to thank you for what you do-help people like me to regain a sense of freedom by being able to drive again”

Michelle Pevarnik

“For the first time I could actually see the football.”

Michelle Pevarnik suffered a severe vision loss at age 27 as a result of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. The West Virginian came to Dr. David L. Armstrong seeking help. Michelle had not driven in 12 years and was no longer able to play the piano. She could not read the music.

After a thorough low vision evaluation Dr. Armstrong prescribed bioptic telescopic glasses for Michelle to help with her distance vision. A small lens can be added to the telescopic glasses allowing her see the piano music.

After using the bioptic glasses for a few months Michelle told Dr. Armstrong that “The glasses are improving my life. They are opening more doors for me. I can see many things that I can’t see without them. I wore them at a West Virginia Mountaineers football game and for the first time I could actually see the football.”

Michelle plans to drive again now that West Virginia, like Virginia, allows people to be licensed to drive while wearing bioptic telescopic glasses.

“In addition to all the great things I’m able to see with these bioptic glasses, the one thing that I am most grateful for is having the opportunity to drive and get my independence back.”

Michael Callison

“I really enjoy the low vision glasses”

Michael Callison has had low vision since birth. Over the years the West Virginian has been seen yearly by several doctors in the same eye care practice. They all told him that no help was available. Michael came to Dr. Armstrong asking for help when reading, using his computer and for his work, small engine repair. He also hoped for improvement seeing at a distance.

Dr. Armstrong determined that Michael’s vision could be helped for all of those things. Glasses with a telemicroscope were prescribed for reading and repairing engines. For distance use, Dr. Armstrong prescribed telescopic glasses. An additional lens over the telescope allows Michael to see well at the computer.

Michael has told Dr. Armstrong that “I really enjoy the low vision glasses. They are a major help when I use the computer or read.”

Jarrod Church

“My only regret is that I didn’t know about your great work sooner.”

Jarrod Church has had reduced vision since he was an infant. The Southwest Virginia native has been seen by several eye doctors and by the Virginia Department of the Blind and Vision Impaired. He has used a closed circuit reading machine but wanted to be able to read better, use his computer as well as watch sports and television. Jarrod came to Dr. David L. Armstrong requesting help with those activities. Dr. Armstrong prescribed telescopic glasses adapted for reading and computer use and bioptic telescopic glasses to help Jarrod see better at a distance. He uses the second pair for television and to watch sports.

A few months after getting the low vision glasses Jarrod wrote, “After Dr. Armstrong got me the bioptic telescopes; I’ve seen things that I’ve never seen before. I went to Cincinnati to see the Reds play the Dodgers. I‘ve never been to a ball game before. With my bioptic telescopes I could actually see the baseball! I couldn’t believe that I saw every pitch thrown. It is amazing, I can’t believe it. I really enjoy them.”

With the computer telescopic glasses Jarrod says that he can see everything on the screen. He also uses them for reading and has read lots of books with them. Jarrod finished his note “I just want to say THANK YOU Dr. Armstrong! My only regret is that I didn’t know about your great work sooner.”

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