New Technology

Most low vision patients can be helped by spectacle mounted telescopic or microscopic glasses. For some handheld electronic magnifiers or desktop video magnifiers are required. When appropriate and best for the patient Dr. Armstrong will recommend one of the newer devices. The following devices are helpful to some people:

The Implantable Miniature Telescope is a treatment option for patients with end-stage age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The tiny device, implanted into the eye, magnifies images in order to enhance central vision for distance activities, such as facial recognition and watching television.


Following surgery, patients must participate in an extensive visual rehabilitation program with an occupational therapist, typically for about six months to a year.

Candidates for the implant must:

  • Be at least age 65
  • Have stable AMD and not currently receiving injections or laser treatment
  • Have not had cataract surgery in at least one eye

Orcam A camera that is attached to your eyeglass frames. It is able to read out loud as well as speak the names of familiar products and people


eSight glasses use new technology to allow legally blind people to actually see. The technology allows the person to see various activities while viewing real time video.


NuEyes, is a head worn device for the visually impaired. A person can look into it and read, write and become more visually independent. Magnification can be changed by using your voice, a wireless Bluetooth controller or simply touching the glasses themselves. An additional lens can be added for viewing distant objects.

You may call toll free (866) 321-2030 for a free telephone consultation with Dr. Armstrong. The telephone consultation will help Dr. Armstrong decide if you can be helped by any of the available low vision devices. Call today; there is no charge for the telephone consultation.

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