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What to do when you can't pass the DMV vision testing

I've been helping people with low vision continue driving safely and legally for years.  During that time I've had many opportunities to speak with the Virginia DMV Medical Office on behalf of my patients.  I've always found them to be very helpful and have developed a nice working relationship with the people in that office.

The Virginia DMV has a pamphlet "Medical Fitness for Safe Driving.  It states "DMV's goal is to allow individuals to drive for as long as they can safely operate a motor vehicle."  The pamphlet discusses driving with various health or vision problems and how the review process is accomplished.

I've been involved in helping many people obtain a license to drive while wearing bioptic telescopic glasses.  I evaluate the person's vision, I prescribe the bioptic telescopic glasses, I train the person in using the glasses,  I file the required reports  with the DMV and I am my patient's advocate if there are questions from DMV.  I am very familiar with this whole process and I know what to do to keep my patients driving.

If you have macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, optic atrophy or some other condition that's impaired your vision you may have given up driving or lost your license.  I know how devastating it is to be totally dependent on others to do the driving.  You lose your independence.

Call me for a complimentary telephone consultation.  I'll explain the process for getting a bioptic telescopic driver's license and I'll tell you if I think you'll qualify.  I know how important your independence is and i'd like to help you.  Call me at 866 321-2030


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