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For over 50 years I’ve been helping people see the best that they are capable of.  My practice is totally dedicated to improving the lives of people with impaired vision.  Helping people with macular degeneration, Stargardt Disease, diabetic retinopathy and other conditions who have been told that nothing can be done to help is extremely satisfying, both professionally and personally.

My Purpose

As a low-vision optometrist, I am committed to helping visually impaired people maximize their eyesight so they can enjoy more active and independent lives.

I help people with impaired vision:

1. I listen to each person so I can understand how their vision loss impacts their life. I want to know what they can accomplish with their remaining vision and what activities are most important that they need my help with.

2. I evaluate their vision very carefully with a variety of low-vision glasses and other devices and determine which will be most helpful, considering the person’s remaining vision and their goals.

3. I demonstrate those that I find to be helpful, showing exactly how it will meet their needs. I want each person to be able to make an informed decision.

4. I inform them of non-optical ways that will help them function better with their remaining vision.

5. I prescribe the glasses or devices that they choose as a result of my evaluation and the demonstrations.

6. I teach them how to use whatever I prescribe and make sure that they understand how to use it for maximum benefit.


Dr. David L. Armstrong

Low Vision Optometrist

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Meet The Doctor

Dr. Armstrong has dedicated his low vision practice to helping people with visual impairments maintain their independence.


  • You are the best low vision doctor I've referred to. You are an asset to my practice.

    - W.P., MD
  • Thanks for all you are doing for these unfortunate patients.

    - J.T., MD
  • You've helped everyone who I've referred to you

    - N.S., OD


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