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The Importance of Listening

Probably the most important thing that I do when I am helping a person who's lost some vision from Macular Degeneration is to listen to them.  I've read that studies show that the typical doctor asks their patient a question and then interrupts within 4-5 seconds with another question or comment.  That doesn't work if you are trying to help someone who's life has been effected by a vision loss.  I need to know how the vision loss has effected them and what are the most important activities that they'd like me to help them with.

Patients sometimes tell me that another eye doctor  or someone from the state agency for the visually impaired has recommended a hand magnifying glass.  While that can be helpful it does not help the person who wants to watch TV or use a computer or drive.  When I ask the person what it is that they want to be able to do and I take the time to listen to their answer I'm able to prescribe for that need.

If you have lost vision from Macular Degeneration or some other condition give me a call.  I'll take the time to listen to you and evaluate your remaining vision. I'll prescribe low vision glasses or other devices that will be appropriate for your needs.

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